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Hossein Ronaghi Maleki: letter to my mother

Prisionero Politico en Iran, en huelga de hambre


Hossein Ronagh’s letter to his mother regarding his quest for human rights.


Greetings my beloved mother who means more than life to me!

I know there is no need for introductions when speaking to you. In all these painful years you have respected my beliefs and along with other mothers like yourself, you supported your child’s endeavor to obtain dignity and freedom for our motherland, our beloved Iran. You have given your support even though your efforts have been the source of grief, anxiety and much hardship.

Mother! You know that suppressing a person by designating him/her as a political prisoner is leveraged as the ultimate pressure upon those who do not forgo their promise of making a contribution towards freedom of our nation. But the authoritarians who tell lies and rule through dictatorship are well aware that they cannot impose their wishes on us by force. Those…

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